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A wiki documenting the people, places, and events of the Friends at the Table roleplaying group and podcast: a show about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. The podcast features Austin Walker, Jack de Quidt, Ali Acampora, Keith J Carberry, Art Martinez-Tebbel, Janine Hawkins, Sylvia Clare, and Andrew Lee Swan.

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Bonus season: Bluff City

Player Characters[]


Hieron Main PCs
The Great Fantasmo · Fero Feritas · Lem King · Hadrian ·
Hella Varal · Throndir · Adaire Ducarte · Ephrim
Marielda PCs
Aubrey Zosim · Charter Castille · Hitchcock · Sige Coleburn


COUNTER/Weight Main PCs
Aria Joie · AuDy · Cassander Timaeus Berenice · Mako Trig
Twilight Mirage Main PCs
Echo Reverie · Even Gardner · Fourteen Fifteen ·
Gig Kephart · Grand Magnificent · ⸢Signet⸣ · Tender Sky
Kal'mera Broun · Clementine Kesh · Exeter Leap · Ver'million Blue ·
Sovereign Immunity · Thisbe · Valence · Kalar Anakalar · Phrygian · The Figure in Bismuth


Sangfielle PCs
Chine · M. Leopold Duvall · Es · Lye Lychen ·
Marn Ancura · Pickman · Virtue Mondegreen · Hazard

Misc Links[]


Sangfielle Cover

Sangfielle cover art by Craig Sheldon


PARTIZAN cover art by Craig Sheldon

Winter In Hieron Cover

Winter in Hieron cover art by Craig Sheldon

Twilight Mirage Cover

Twilight Mirage cover art by Craig Sheldon

Friendstable s2 coverart

COUNTER/Weight cover art by Craig Sheldon

Bluff City Cover

Bluff City cover art by Craig Sheldon