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A wiki documenting the people, places, and events of the Friends at the Table roleplaying group and podcast: a show about critical worldbuilding, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. The podcast features Austin Walker, Jack de Quidt, Ali Acampora, Keith J Carberry, Art Martinez-Tebbel, Janine Hawkins, Sylvia Clare, and Andrew Lee Swan.

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Bonus season: Bluff City

Player Characters[]


Hieron Main PCs
The Great Fantasmo · Fero Feritas · Lem King · Hadrian ·
Hella Varal · Throndir · Adaire Ducarte · Ephrim
Marielda PCs
Aubrey Zosim · Charter Castille · Hitchcock · Sige Coleburn


COUNTER/Weight Main PCs
Aria Joie · AuDy · Cassander Timaeus Berenice · Mako Trig
Twilight Mirage Main PCs
Echo Reverie · Even Gardner · Fourteen Fifteen ·
Gig Kephart · Grand Magnificent · ⸢Signet⸣ · Tender Sky
Kal'mera Broun · Clementine Kesh · Exeter Leap · Ver'million Blue ·
Sovereign Immunity · Thisbe · Valence · Kalar Anakalar · Phrygian · The Figure in Bismuth


Sangfielle PCs
Chine · M. Leopold Duvall · Es · Lye Lychen ·
Marn Ancura · Pickman · Virtue Mondegreen · Hazard

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Sangfielle cover art by Craig Sheldon

PARTIZAN cover art by Craig Sheldon

Winter in Hieron cover art by Craig Sheldon

Twilight Mirage cover art by Craig Sheldon

COUNTER/Weight cover art by Craig Sheldon

Bluff City cover art by Craig Sheldon